Stanbrooke Today
May my epitaph read:  "He loved kids"


In Loving Memory of a Faithful Companion for almost 50 years.
                                                                               There was no other like her.

   *Wife          *Mother
   *Financial Director
   *Cheer Sponsor
    12 Summer Camp championships
     10 District Championships
       4 Top 10 Nationals
       1 National Runner-up
       2 National Championships
       National Cheer Coach of the
 *Grandmother     *Designer
  *Counselor         *Secretary

*Business Owner
*Store Manager


To Pat

True love comes gliding on a wish
            It seeks naught but receptive hearts
Reluctance conquered, fear suborned
            It tears two settled lives apart.

 Resistance makes surrender sweeter
            And surrender rules a lonely life
Those captured seem to never grasp
            The futility of going on to fight.

 And so love wins; it always does
            And rules, where, lonely, self once stood,
And makes a life where none had been
            And, left alone, none ever would

 And love so strong, so deep, so pure
            Must last forever so it seems
No one in earth or heaven above
            Would ever challenge endless dreams.

 And so, life passes day to day
            None comes to challenge ties bound tight
New Lovers fail to sense the foe
            Until, for them, too late to fight.

 A foe so mighty, who’s never lost
            While forming mountains none can climb
Who breaks the bonds ev’n love has tied
            Alas, none wins – when fighting time.

 Time takes its toll in many ways
            in years young lovers cannot see
Each stolen hour will ne’er be missed
            “Till all love’s hours have ceased to be.




And then regrets make their abode
            With precious memories time will weave.
But all the days fall fast away
            as chilly autumn’s worn out leaves.

 No one knows what will come or when
          To steal away young lover’s time
But when it comes it finds two hearts
          Not ready body, soul, or mind.

 Oh, why can’t lovers rendered be
         Eternal by each other’s ways?
Oh, why must clouds of fear and doubt
         Still come to cover end of days?

 What is this love so freely given?
         Is it returned at end of time?
Is it eternal for anyone:
         Ev’n hearts and souls it tightly binds?

 Perhaps we are not made to know
         Just how eternal love can be.
But, if we aren’t, still I can say
         “It is eternal now to me.”

 No greater wish, nor nobler fate
         Could be one’s prize in this life’s game
Than feel, as life piles years on years,
         There was a chance you felt the same.

 And with each day, each hour of life
         More sure we know all time is His.
More sure we grow each day we live,
        To know in life…love’s all there is.

                                  Stan Brooke - 2006


Around Two Hearts 

Love comes easy, love comes hard
     To everyone it traps
Inside its web of no escape
   Around two hearts is wrapped.

Perhaps they come to capture place
   Not knowing what might wait
But, once entrapped, the fearful heart
   Seems eager for its fate.

That fate is different for each soul
   Who knows what is to be
But, in my life, its greatest gift:
   It brought you to me.

So, one more year has passed us by
   Like seeds, memories are sowed
They’ll remain as side by side
   We trod another road.

Love has brought us down this path
   Each day it flares anew
And love blooms in splendor grand
   As long as I have you.

                 Stan Brooke
                     Wedding Anniversary  2007



                                            Memorial Service

Slide show remembrances

Opening Prayer                                                                     Doug Rife
Pastor, Temple Baptist Church

“Amazing Grace”                                                                   Julie Childs
Staff Member, Temple Christian Schools

Special Remembrances                                                       Dr. Mike Evans
Vice-President of Development and 
                                                                                                 Recruitment, Arlington Baptist College

Former Pastor Temple Baptist Church

“Beyond the Sunset”                                                            Steve Attaway
Former Staff Member
                                                                                                Accelerated Christian Education

Message                                                                                    Rev. Robby Ballew
                                                                                                Associate Pastor, Faith Baptist Church

Former Pastor Temple Baptist Church

“Be an Example”                                                                      Paul Gaymon
Pastor Faith Baptist Church
                                                                                                Former Student Midland Baptist School

Remembering                                                                          CBCS – Mike Smith
Former Student and Staff Member
                                                                                                Castleberry Baptist Christian School 

                                                                                                     MBTS – Kay  Gilley
Cheerleader – Midland Baptist School

                                                                                                     PSOT – Kay Kamp
Staff Member School of Tomorrow


                                                                                                     TCS – Keri Crowell
Cheerleader – Temple Christian Schools

Closing Prayer                                                                           Dr. Larry Cornell
Pastor – Castleberry Baptist Church