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Books, Articles, Poems by Dr. B


Books, Articles, Poems by Dr. B


(This page features access to Dr. B's books and writings - excerpts and opportunity to purchase):


"In Those Oklahoma Hills Where I was Born"  vol. 1
       Table of Contents - vol. 1
 “The Moment Must Forever Be”                                                1.1
          A Boy’s First Kiss
            (Poem“ Around My Heart”                      1.34)
“George Toy”                                                                                  2.1
          Crushing the spirit of the Helpless
“Old Dogs and God”                                                                       3.1
          A Boy and His Dog
“From the Dust of the Ground”                                                     4.1
          Growing up in the Hills of Oklahoma
If Maggie’s Not in Heaven…                                                     5.1
           Grandmother’s Impact for Eternity
“If There be Not an Eagle…Send a Sparrow
                   With a Broken Wing                                                    6.1
                Journey to God
“Memories of Tomorrow”                                                              7.1
          One Room Country School Life – Stony Point
“Uncas”                                                                                            8.1
          Impact of Small Country Church and Hamlet
“A Virginal Maiden Clothed in Pure White”                            9.1
          Life in the Snow Covered Hills
“Awakenings”                                                                                10.1
          Demise of the Wonder Years
“No Higher Calling”                                                                      11.1
          Giving One’s Life to Young People
“Friends are Friends Forever”                                                      12.1
          The Friendships of Life Never Die
“Such a Boy”                                                                                       13.1
          A Poem of Boyhood
"In Those Oklahoma Hills Where I was Born"  vol. 2
   Table of Contents  Vol. II
“Dedication – to Pat”
                Remembering the Best Part of Life                                       
“Spanning Oceans, Climbing Trees”    
          Parents Meeting for Life          
“Holiday Memories”                                                                      
          Special Memories of Special Times
“Tiger Tales”
          Challenges and Joys of High School
“College Ain’t for Cowards”                                                
          Growing into College Life
“USD 465”                                               
           High School Teaching and so Much More
“Boy Toys”                                                        
                Cars, Cars, Cars
“Castleberry Memories”                                                                 
          A Special School, a Special Time
“Winning, Losing and Life”
          Early Coaching Experiences                                                                                   
“The Boys of Roberts Cut-off”                                   
          A Team of Destiny
“New York, New York”                                                                                   
          “Hello, New York,” from Texas Teens
“Crusader to a Different Realm”                                                                    
          A Special Young Man – Gone too Soon
“The Call of the Wild”                                      
          The Call of Nature that Never Left
The Last Paddle Fish”                                                                           
          A Special Fish for a Special Time
Triumph and Tragedy”
          The ACE Years

"The Boys of Robert's Cut-off"

             The Story of a Very Special Football Team

"Remembering Tomorrow"   "In Those Oklahoma Hills Where I was Born"  Vol. IV

               One Boy's Pilgrimage in Search of Love


Table of Contents Vol IV

"The Moment Must Forever Be"

      A Boy's First Kiss

"Hollywood Dreams"

     Rising Above Lust and Desire

"Kiss of Death"

     How Could a Kiss be so Dangerous?

"Dreaming of Eternity"

    Inhabiting Two Worlds

"How Could Something so Right......."

     When Wrong Seems Right

"Where are Dreams When You Need Them?"

     Trust Betrayed

"Are There Losing Streaks in Romance?

     Nightmare in Dating

"Moonlight and Freckles"

     A Parenthesis in the Fabric of Time

"The Girls of Summer"

     Dreams and Danger on the Ballfield

"Return to Blue Pool"

     Exorcizing Memories

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow Dreams Really Do...."

    Love Comes When Least Expected

"Remembering Tomorrow"

     A Journey in Search of a Life


     A poem of Reality


"Position Papers"

                               Table of Contents
Position Paper #1                         “God and the Problem of Evil”
Position Paper #2                         “Questions on the Nature and Purpose of God”
Position Paper #3                         “Taking the Temperature of Hell”
                                                                        Doctrines, Traditions and Myths
Position Paper #4                         “ The Lord’s Supper – Held Hostage by the
Position Paper #5                         “Conflicting Dimensions of Right and Wrong”
                                                                        When Sin isn’t Sin and Good is Really Evil
Position Paper #6                         “The Battle for the Bible”
                                                                        Translation and Application
Position Paper #6b                       “Prophecy:  Does our Grasp Exceed our Reach?”
Position Paper #7                         “The God I Never Knew”  Breaking Out of a God-Shaped Box
Position Paper #8                                                             -
Position Paper #9                         “Salvation:  Freeway, Tollway, or Road to
Position Paper #10                      “Surprising Thoughts on Teenage Rebellion”


This page will also feature links to some of the special poems Dr. B wrote over the years for students and staff.  These are original transcripts Dr. B spoke from.  They are not the entire speeches or poems since he is notorious for "ad libing" as he speaks.  But, the great bulk will be here.  As notes are found some material will be added to the items.

Link to 2010 Jr/Sr Banquet poem click here.

Link to 2011 Jr/Sr banquet peom click here.

Link to 2012 Jr/Sr Banquet poem click here.

2011 Staff Christmas Poem here.

Link to 2009 Commencement Address by Dr. B, "But if not......"  here



Well, here it is the end of school

            And we’re all gathered here

End of school brings lots of smiles                          

            And perhaps, to some, a tear.

You’ve been a great class and those old walls

            Will forever ring with your love and laughter

You’ve been examples in so many ways

            For each class that follows after.

So, let’s step back for a moment now

            And look at each of you

And what your daily steps can tell us

            And maybe laugh a little too.

So, please take no offense and know

            That you are loved a lot

And loosen up and laugh a little

            At what this year has wrought.

We’ll look at this group gathered here today

            As the year draws to a close

And see what’s happened to us all:

            Our joys, our stupidity and our woes.



Koral’s tongue is on its thousandth kiss

            While Jessica sits feeling cursed

And dreaming what it must be like

            As she awaits her first.

Far away Jess’ boy friend sits

            And his eyes never roama

And if you buy that I’ve got some ocean

            Front property in Arizona.

Austin kept asking Jess for a date

            After awhile it began to hurt

But, alas, he had no chance

            Even Jessica’s not that desparate.

Actually, it might be good if the two dated

            At least give it a fling

Austen could kiss her just so she’d know

            She isn’t missing much of anything.

Just hope Jessica’s future husband doesn’t decide

            To run his fingers through her hair as he might

If he does there’s real doubt he’ll have time

            For anything else on their wedding night.


If you’re a girl and none too cute

            And Austin you haven’t tried

Secret may be to approach just right

            So that you come in on his blind side.

He has a good time with his current girl

            And that’s all really cool

‘Course he has an interesting history

            In his girlfriend’s pool.

But he did answer an age old question

            That shows he’s no one’s fool

Not sure anyone else ever discovered

            How to keep a cat in a swimming pool.

One thing any girl who dates Austen has to know

            On any date, if she’ll look

His mother is in the back seat taking pictures

            So she can post them on Facebook.



It’s good Jack is leaving us now

            ‘cause if he stayed, it’s been said

In another year he’d be combing his arm pit hair

            Up over the top of his head

Satan had a wheel set up

            That spun each lie Jack would tell

But, alas, it spun too fast       

            And rolled clear out of hell.

But, NCA seems to always be starting some new sport

            To be sure our schedule is padded

Jack is a shoe in to return and coach

            Demolition derby if it’s ever added.        


Koral’s been through most of the boys

            She treats them like a toy

Think you’re male and Koral’s never tried to kiss -

            Best check to be sure you’re a boy.

‘course with Koral it makes no difference

            If she sees something fun

She’ll make out with it first…..

            And decide if it’s a boy when she’s done.

Koral set her sights on Dylan there

            He had no chance, what can we say

He tried, but with a broken foot

            No way he’d get away.

But really they’re a perfect match

            Really lots the same

Both have a revered place reserved

            In NCA’s “Handsie Hall of Fame”

Koral’s known for picking them much younger

            Little boys flock around like ants

Maybe it’s because she’s eager to flirt

            With anything in pants

She can be quite aggressive sure

            No matter age or what they wear

That’s why she’s been permanently banned

            From going anywhere near the daycare.

She did lock lips with Hayden a lot

            Maybe not her fault

But she had to stop for fear of begin charged

            With childhood sexual assault.

But, if you try to make friends with Koral

            And fail, don’t be blue

Just understand in Koral’s land of dreams

            She knows she’s really better than you.          


Dylan’s on round two at NCA

            First time didn’t last, you see.

Rumor has it he got caught

            Where his hands were not supposed to be.

Seems with Dylan hands problems tend to last

            At least that’s what he’s found

In giving and receiving both

            What goes around tends to come around.


But, Dylan’s cute and he sure knows it

            But good looks can still bomb

How in the world did he end up

            With Koral at Senior Prom?

He asked her there then two days later

            They broke up……. boys here’s a tip

You need to realize with Koral two days

            Is a long term relationship.

Dylan did make a great video of his

            NCA experiences – YEAH>>>>>….. true to life for once

Next they plan on Jillian making one on safe driving

            And Koral one on abstinence. 



Jordan finally went on a date

            Figured he’d give this thing a whirl

His first question was, “Where do I go….

            And does it have to be a girl?”

But he finally got a date to prom

            That should surely fix it.

He’s so smooth he even made Jasmine

            Buy her own prom ticket.



Emily’s got her man for sure

            Jared bought a ring to surely take her

Although at times she does seem less a girlfriend

            And more like a hired caretaker.

But he’s off to frolic miles away

            And he’ll never look at other young things cute and fair

Boys always say that….. and they’re true to their word….

            Emily, if you’ve any doubt……. just ask Brylee there.


Brylee’s beau went to Tarleton and walked

            Cross campus seeing all the cuties as they came

But he was true…… for at least ten feet

            Then said, “I’ve got to be true to………….what’s her name?”’

But Brylee has her pride, that’s for sure

            So we can let it rest for now

Following Josh to Tarleton means nothing

            And we believe that…….YEAH…………..


 Brylees no quitter, no siree

            She’ll get him back and more

And when she does she knows just how to keep him

            She bought a pair of handcuffs at the store.

But he’s a cadet now and more

            Trained to fight off the enemy as it swirls

Maybe the enemy if it attacks…..

            But not too good at fighting off the girls

 Losing Brylee left Josh depressed

            His heart breaking now we fear

Want proof?   his Spring Break pictures

            From Hawaii showed that real clear.



‘Tis said each has appointed time to die

            And that’s likely not worth debating

When Mia’s comes there’s little doubt

            She’ll keep the death angel waiting

Mia’s clock just runs slow and that’s OK

            She’ll surely be alright

Course her groom will probably be asleep

            Before she makes it to bed on her wedding night.

But Mia’s unique in many ways

            If you give a hoot

One distinctive in her life

            She’s the only girl who thinks Jack’s cute.

If you’re ever driving by and see a drunk girl           

Staggering across a parking lot, don’t lurk

You’ll just know it has to be

            Mia taking a break from work.

She really has a thing for fake hair

            Be it on her head or eyes its piled.

Not sure why unless she thinks

            It’ll drive her 7th graders wild.

Maybe driving younger boy everywhere


Cody died and went to heaven

            But things didn’t go too well

The first day there God yelled, “Either he gets

            Some quieter shoes or we’re sending him to hell.”


All can see Cody’s destiny has to be

            It’s very clear to all

He’ll end up starring in the Nutcracker ballet

            And dancing at Carnigie Hall

But Cody’s just a good ol boy

            And his destiny’s not too scary

One day his picture will surely end up

            Next to Redneck in the dictionary.


Jared bought Emilly a promise ring

            Had second thoughts the very next day

So, he thought, “Do I break up…..or just sign

            With a  college a thousand miles away.

He’ll soon be on his way to school

            Taking any way he finds

Which could take him quite awhile

            Since he can’t read road signs.


Shawn seems so quiet and reserved

            Don’t judge too quickly, you might not be right

Could be he plans the last day of school

            To grab and kiss each girl in sight.

And if he does do that on the last day

            One sure thing you’ll find

Koral will be waiting there

            To be sure she’s first in line.


Anthony's future's set and locked in stone

     He'll sure die and go to hell

But, it'll onlly take about an hour in there

     Before the devil casts him out as well.

The devil will say, "listen all

     I'll take Hitler, Stalin and Jack the Ripper

But this guy's mouth's not staying another minute

     Unless someone has a zipper.

But Anthony will some day find a girl

     Who con't see - or listen to what others tell her

After all, in this great, wide world

     There's got to be another Helen Keller.

We're having a contest to see

     (It's all done for joy)

We want to see if Anthony is this classes'

     Biggest "Moma's boy.

But Koral won't care if he be chosen

     Biggest Moma's boy in school

She'll still grab him, bend himover and yell

     "Kiss me you handsome fool."


Aubrey and Dylan are in the running

     For a school record known by all men

The contest:  whether it took Dylan longer to get over Jillian

     Or Aubrey to get over Esteven.

But, she finally moved on after looking for a boyfriend

     And she looked high and low.

At least she says she has one but really

     Who has a beau named "Beau?"


Jillian has much going for her

     Ability and looks as well

And considering she once dated Dylan

     She's the only senior who's escaped from hell.

Jillian's driving's a thing of legend

     But, give her credit, she won't quit

But there's a rule in the universe for her driving

     If it stands still she will hit it.


Keith seems to have what it takes

     Be it physical or mental

Now if he'd just stop trying to convince

     Everyone he's oriental.

We guess it's understandable for him to try

     To look oriental and such

But taping the ends of his eyes up high

     May have been a little much.


Blake's got the looks and should have the girls

     And never be without

But to make that statement you must ignore

     The one who threw up on him while making out.

How does one know he's really bad at love

     Well, here's some bedrock tips

You're not too good if a girl loses her dinner

     As you start to kiss her lips.


Rudy spends his final days

     With nothing left to lose

His mind is set on "what might have been"

     As he sits and drools over Matthews.

But, realize Rudy as you pine

     You had no chance, for sure

Doomed from the start, you see

     You're far too old for her.


Has it occurred to anyone here today

     Perhaps a wise old sage

That if the Matthews girls just switched boys

     They'd both be with someone their own age.

Alex's motto with boys seems to be

     If he's one she won't ditch

He'd better meet her three fold test

     Young, handsome and rich.


Mikala's valedictorian now

     Great accomplishmenets are likely next

Forturnately none will be predicated on knowing

     The difference between French kissing and oral sex.


Madison's still with Jeremy sure

     At least tillsomething might go wrong

'course she's another Austin ex

     He can't keep any girl for long.

So, she's on to one who hopes to be

     A musician, unless he slips

That's good because they are especially known

     For long term relationships.


Lauren even dated Austin for awhile

     Then moved on to better parts

She felt a better option had to be out there

     True....just find a crowd of boys and throw a dart.

Having Koral as a best friend as she does

    Must be like, we all know,

Living life stuck inside

     A low budget horror show.


Look down the street - a cloud of smoke -

     A fire in a station wagon?

Naw, just Dylan, Jack, Blake and Jordan

     On "Puff the magic Dragon."

Most likely to at the Final Judgment Seat.....

Die and have to spend eternity in limbo between heaven and hell....because she was late to the judgment seat....Mia Smith

Die and try to sneak away before the judgment seat....JordanHodzic

Die and be sent directly to hell because God didn't want to listen to him....Anthony David

Before the final judgment seat begins to call God aside and say, "Before you judge Josh, I just want you to know what he did to me"...Byrlee Russell

To have to be drug kicking screaming before the judgment seat yelling, "No, no, not yet, I still haven't been kissed"....Jessica Saunders

To say to God at the judgment seat, "You'llhave to wait just a minute while my mother takes a picture of me here to post on Facebook...Austin Seals

To hear God say as he steps forward, "It's a good thing you got your hair cut because no one with a haircut looking like a head of broccoli is ever going to be let in here....Blake McDowell

To delay the judgment while God rolls on the ground laughing when he shows up asking to be let in….Jack Woerner

To protest when God tells him he’s sending him to hell and say, “That can’t be right, I’m an Eagle Scout,”….Connor Massey

To tell God, “I don’t know what sports you play up here but whatever they are you know I will be the best at it.” …..Aubrey Jones

To be denied and sent to hell instead when he asked admittance to heaven and to hear God say, “We’ve already got too many pretty boys up here”…Dylan Dyson

To die at 94 and cry, “Please let me live a little longer so I can have a second date” Jordan Hodzic

Most likely to be sent to hell and then be greeted at the gates of hell and told, “We’ve been waiting on you.  You have a special statue here to commemorate you for telling more lies than anyone we’ve ever had.” Jack Woerner

To be sent to hell and then win a beauty contest down there and be selected as “Miss hell”….Koral Fuller

Most Likely To…

Never have sex on his wedding night because he’s too busy talking about it and calling his mother for advice…..Anthony David

Be left blind when a little boy puts out both her eyes trying to kill the ugly black spiders eating her eyeballs….Mia Smith

Be a closet Muslim….Rudy Patel

Be still going to scout meetings at 85….Connor Massey

To take 5 minutes to walk across the graduation stage so his mother can be sure to get enough pictures…..Austin Seals

Have her lips decay from lack of use…..Jessica Saunders

At 85 to still be single chasing middle school boys in her walker…..Koral Fuller

Not graduate because he planted his feet and refused to do an assignment…..Shawn Duckworth

Still be going to TCC in five years – all the while saying, “But, I’m going to Harvard next year”….Jordan Hodzic

To be expelled from Tarleton for beating up a cadet……Brylee Russell

To get to college and have her boyfriend say, “You didn’t really think I was serious about all that waiting stuff, did you?”

To have ring bearers older than the grooms at their weddings…..Mia Smith and Koral Fuller


Well, we draw this to a close

          And hope you’ve laughed a bit

Most of all we hope for each

          All the happiness you can get.

This senior class has done us proud

          Inspired and blessed us too

Our prayer for each is that the future

          Holds blessings now for you.

The future rests a faceless haze

          Is it friend or foe?

Until you part that future curtain

          You will never know.

There’ll be joy and there’ll be pain

          As your life unfolds

And many times the hand of fate

          Will wipe away your goals.

You face uncertain futures now

          Much as a new born child

Filled with wonder, awe and hope

          And dreams you’ve not yet styled.

You’ll traverse far different paths

          Your dreams can never see

In future times may each become

          The one the Maker meant you to be.

My prayer is as you roll on

          Your sight will be above

And stay until that endless day

          Wrapped in hope and love.

I love you and you will be missed.


Beginning 2018 Senior Poem

As we gather here this final week

            Of your high school career

Soon we’ll never again see many

            As you wander far and near


You’ve been a great class and these old walls

            Will forever ring with your love and laughter

You’ve been examples in so many ways

            For each class that follows after.


But let’s step back for a moment now

            And look at each of you

And what your daily steps can tell us

            And maybe laugh a little too.


So, please take no offense and know

            That you are loved a lot

And loosen up and laugh a little

            At what this year has wrought.




Charlie here’s known far and wide

            As his memory slowly fades

As one able to sleep through every class

            And still get the highest grades.


But it’s probably good he has done all this

            Hard telling all he missed

For one thing he may be the only boy

            Brooke has never kissed.



You want to hear of a really sick puppy

            We have one here, by gosh

Natalie goes about her life

            Still hung up on Josh


She acts like she could like our Koby

            But it’s likely Josh’s still it

But look at those two choices and know

            Her judgment’s really in the pit


Natalie’s one of Josh’s exes

     So, girls please don’t frown

She will tell you life got oh so much better

    When she got rid of the clown.


Brooke Gilbert

I started to list the many boys

                Brooke’s lips to theirs have locked

But, alas, found it much much faster

                To list those to whom she’s not


Looking at all the boys Brooke’s gone through

                How many there really were

Might lead one to conclude it’s not the boys……

                There must be something wrong with her


Could be each boy left in disgust

                Running toward the south

When in the middle of a romantic kiss

                Brooke hiccuped in his mouth.


But it seems Parker’s always there

                For her to run back to, you see

Which only goes to clearly show

                How desperate he must be.


If you’re a young man Brooke’s never kissed

                I won’t be very coy

You best go get a DNA test

                Just to make sure you’re a boy


As for Brooke know for sure

            It’s plain as all can see

Her DNA’s on more boy’s lips

            Than Starbucks coffee will ever be


But, she’ll someday find the one

                To spend her life with sure

Of course it’ll probably be the poor old man

                In the resthome bed next to her


Caleb Gray

Caleb has a unique distinction

            Only one kidney he has for sure

One thing you’ll never hear him say

            “I’d give my kidney for a date with her.”


Others look at Caleb with many questions

            Most common is when they sing

How is he going to graduate

            When he never does a thing?


Sala Harrison

One blessing this class has so much

            To which they can always cling

If they want to know anything at all

            Just ask Sala, she knows everything



 Joel’s number 3 in the class

            So he’s nobody’s fool

Now, if he would only let us know

            Where he plans to go to school


Seriously, we know you’re going to DBU

            But we have a dare

Just pause a moment these last few days

            And ask us if we care.


Joel lets all know that he likes

            About every girl in school

That’s OK as long as he doesn’t really believe

            Every girl thinks he’s real cool.


Galindo – wants to be a hobo

Some students want to turn out great

            They’re sure not to aim too low

Then there’s Isiah whose life long dream

            Is just to be a hobo.


But should he set out to do just that

            As he journeys down the road and looks back

He’ll see Ashley running fast behind, yelling

            I’ll help you carry your knapsack.


Sad thing is that in thirty years

            It’s a pretty safe sure bet

He’ll come back to check on cousin Chris

            And he won’t have graduated yet.



Holly Perry –

Holly’s talking to someone, who knows who

            But you know what’d be so cool

If she ever made her mind up and told anyone

            Where she’s going to school.


Like Joel we’ve reached the point in her quest

            Of telling everyone she dare

About her  going to Tarleton, that we

            Really, really don’t care


Wink –

Wink’s the only student NCA has

            We can point to with pride

He took a field trip, got in a wreck

            And all watched as he died.


He didn’t really and if he had

            One thing is sure we fear

St. Peter would have yelled from heaven

            He ain’t coming here.



Rumor says Baker’s back pack

            Cost two hundred, believe that if you can

He should have done like Jeremy did

            And just stole it off a gay man.



McKern’s not paying much attention to all of this

            So what difference does it make

She just sits and drools and drools

            Each time she looks at Jake.


Which is a shame since its as obvious

            As a nighttime lightning strike since

When it comes to boys and girls Jake likely doesn’t

            Really know how to tell the difference.


Sable Lemons

Poor Sable’s friend broke up with her

            At prom time just to try her

But she had it coming after all

            She forgot his pacifier.


So then she looked to Junior High

            An age range in which she stayed

And offered to take a young lad out

            As long as she got paid.


We don’t want to alarm you Sable

            But you need to know at any rate

There is a term that’s known by all

            For girls who get paid to go on a date


We were willing to overlook all that

            Just to be kind and nice

But we would prefer you stop handing out cards

            That say, “Available at any price”


There are degrees of dumbness but Lexi

            You may take top prize away

Driving to school in your chapel uniform

            Fine….except on a Saturday


But Lxie has initiative that’s for sure

            Like Sable – it is funny

They both found unique ways as seniors

            To earn some extra money


Lexie did take her cue from Sable

            To decide to charge for her capers

But, alas, not to date

            Just to write Hunter's papers

Breece Low

Breece got into a fight with her date

                At prom of all the places

It started when he tried to kiss her

                And got his tongue caught in her braces.


So, she sits at home alone for now

            As lonely as one can get

But at least when she’s hungry

            Jeremy says she can eat a pet


Breece is pretty sure she could be President

            At least has it as an idea

Only question left is would it be

            The United States or North Korea



Cody Jones

Cody’s lips are some that bear Brooke’s mark

                What else can we say

Don’t worry, Cody, there’s hope………

                The nightmares will go away.


Meanwhile don’t think Cody is too shy….

            Or just acting dumb

He doesn’t go out with just anyone

            Cause he’s under mama’s thumb.


He runs his business as a pro

            Mows many lawns as a rule

Only thing he won’t do for any

            Is mow anywhere near a pool.


 For Cody has a big big dream

            To swim just like an otter

The only problem being he’s too scared

            To even put his big toe in the water.


 Jeremy Docet – Soundcloud musician

Jeremy’s here dressed in his finest

                Definitely fit to kill

What’s obvious to all is there must be

                A gay rack at his local Good Will


So, when he’s gone from NCA

                And you pine to have him back

Just go by that Good Will and you can probably buy

                His pretty little flowered back pack



The other day he cranked his music

            Extra loud and soon

The neighbors called the cops complaining -

            Thought his dog was howling at the moon


But there’s no question he will make it

            He’ll be playing soon enough

Course it could be at the corner of the street

            Sitting beside a small tin cup.



Josh Fergeson

Josh proudly holds his revered place

                With the classes hyper active look

Course he was rather calm and normal

                Until he dated Brooke


He talks a lot about very little

            And keeps Brylee on the string

Meaning in case you haven’t noticed

            This girl doesn’t know a thing.


But she keeps Josh around her close

            And she acts like she’s thankful

But dating Josh has gotta be a whole lot like

            Having a parrot tied around your ankle.



Becca Sommers

Beka’s known as calm and quiet

                Seldom makes a sound

Seriously, she’ll still be talking

                As they put her in the ground


 God will only listen for so long

                To Beka’s constant blabber as well

‘til he calls an angel and shouts His  orders

                “Take her down to hell”


And once there one can sure expect

                Only a day will pass

Until the devil cries out to God

                “OK, I’m sorry for everything.  Please just take her back.”


But one day Beka will find a man

            Perhaps in years to come

For somewhere out there’s gotta be a fellow

            Who’s surely deaf and dumb.



Ashley Brewer

Is Brewer here today?  Who?

                Oh, you probably have to ask

But, this girl you’ve likely never seen

                Is really in your class.


But she can hold on to boys

                In case that’s your query

Her last boyfriend liked her so much

                He went and joined the navy.


(something about nationality of bf)


Madison Alford

Madison’s here with police in pursuit

                She’s only on loan you see

From starring in NCA’s version of

               The Demolition Derby


She’s had a lot of boyfriends – some

 for only 10 minutes she can boast

One has a sneaking suspicion, given the chance

            She just might date a fence post.


In speech, Beigle, Ashley and Madison oft

            Disagreed - at times quite firm

But they seemed to most that watched the scene

            Like 3 chickens arguing ore a worm.


But let’s be real and all admit

            If Beigle ever beckoned

Madison would without a doubt

            Go out with him in a second.


You may doubt all that but let me tell you

            That wouldn’t be much of a struggle

The other day she went up to him and ask

            “Hey big boy, want to snuggle?”

Tyler Toomer

After dating Holly and Rebecca

     Toomer knew this wasn’t cool

He went  running to Mrs. Shannomon and demanded

                “You’ve gotta get some black chicks in this school”


Jake Mitchell   

Jake’s set his mind on the navy

                Did everything they said

Then almost got rejected – brain damage - from getting hit

                Too many times beside the head.


Knowing Jake is on guard will ease our mind

     What can we really say

Rumor has it North Korea disarmed

     Just knowing Jake was on the way.  


Jake makes no secret of the fact

            NCA’s not his favorite place

But we’re not sure any school with work

            Would bring a smile to his face


But perhaps there are some that would

            And that he would find quite cool

Of course, with his fear of women

            It’d have to be an all boys school


Navy men are widely known for having

            A girl in every port

We’ll pause while each of you say to yourself

            Yeah…………..Jake’ll not do any thing of that sort.


Hannah Holmes – broken knee

Some of you girls may be sad

               With no boyfriend of any form or fashion

Could be worse…look at Hannah

                You could be dating Vassion.


We sure hope that Hannah’s saved

                Her in hell would be so sad

But at least after dating Vassion

                Hell wouldn’t seem so bad.


Becerra’s valedictorian if you haven’t heard

                But she’s probably told everyone in the house

The other day I saw her on the softball field

                Sharing the news with a field mouse.


Saw her downtown the other day

            Seemed kind of late

But she was with her granddad……

            Oh…… that was her date?


But it’s good to start dating someone as old as Haley did

            Some thing’s good for sure

If things go bad and the need is there

            He can learn to burp her.


We guess it’s OK with their ages

          It’s not a huge amount

It is embarrassing though when he tells everyone

          She’s his little sister to get the child’s discount.


Leslie Peterson

Leslie went to prom with Wink

                OK, not your top banana

But when she began to feel discouraged

                She just looked at Hannah.


We won’t say she asks dumb questions

            She’s #2 in class somehow

When she and Wink got ready to say good night after prom

            She asked, “What do we do now?”


Wink took dumb questions for awhile

            But not too long, nope

Eventually he’s going to look at Leslie

            And say, “I’ve lost all Hope.”



Caleb Arnold

Caleb’s grades are good, seem’s bright enough

                But what’s worthy of lots of groans

Is he actually went into business with

                Christian and Cody Jones.


He does hold one school record now

            Unbroken near or far

He’s the only Lion to ever drive

            His jeep up on another car.


But he wasn’t ready to let it go

            No, that wouldn’t do

With his car on top he asked the lady

            Are you sure it was me that hit you.



Keith Miller

Wow! Did you see Millers date to prom

                Didn’t see him getting anything of that kind

But, let’s not be too prejudiced

                There are good looking girls in schools for the blind.



 His hair hanging over his face may have helped         

               His impression on her to be stronger

Strange though, she kept asking if there was any way

               He could grow it any longer.


We hear while in 8th grade he hit

            His head so hard on his desk one day

That it made the little boy cry and cry

            And may help explain the way he is today.


In spite of what you all say

            You wish you had the luck

To someday have the great good fortune

            To own his smokin’ truck


Koby Herrod

Dorks are noted in different ways

            Be it north or south

But anywhere would call it that

            If you walked around with a straw in your mouth


But Koby thinks he’s really cool

            Don’t tell him different – be a friend

Why someday , who knows, he might find a girl

            To suck on the other end.


But if not he won’t be alone

            However his luck runs

He will always have the option

            To snuggle up with his guns.


But someday at the gates of heaven

            St. Peter will give Cody a choice

You can either go to hell right now

            Or admit you lied to Mrs. Boice.


Cox is practicing to be a boss

            To enjoy its many capers

He’s begun the transition by  deciding to

            Pay someone to write his papers.


Since he’s evidently in the mood

to pay for favors as he’s able

Let’s be sure as best we can

            He stays far away from Sable.

Hunter’s over the hot romance he had

            For a time with Bryar

At least we think he’s over but why

            Does new girlfriend look exactly like her?


But if things go too bad in his life

            He knows where he needs to be

He ‘ll just pick Brooke up in his truck

            And head for KFC


Pena’s white streak in his hair

            May be just for style

We’re not sure about the girls

            But he drives female skunks really wild.


Chris has in mind a record sure

            Not likely to be topped

His average in bible is below a 10

            Good thing the tests have stopped


What’s really bad is this week I found

            A cockroach in the class

I tested him and his average

            Was high enough to pass


Chris has to hope that on judgment day

            As He faces God and all his aides

God doesn’t stop and say, “Just a minute”

            Let’s check your bible grades.”


If He should, Chris will look like a rocket

            Leaving heaven with a yell

And streaking across the vast expanse……..

            Headed straight to hell.



Soltau has all the emarks of someone

     We’ve seen and you’d best care

He’ll take his nerdy ways and invent something

     And be a billionaire


But it may really be of benefit to some

     Even from this class

Cody for one  might land a job

     Mowing Soltau’s grass.


Soltau will marry the one he loves most

            When the truth is told

 But, it may not work out at all

            Trump may be too old 



Hankins and Viera – a strange couple

     But let’s be honest and real fair

Most just shake their head and wonder

     Who’s most desperate in this pair.


But maybe Josiah’s not so dumb

      In many estimations

After all he says he’s leaving town

     Right after graduation.


Course a few miles down the road

     Feeling good he finally dumped her

He’ll get out and walk around the car

     And find her clinging to the bumper.



Hankins dreams of her man

            Makes sure he’s hers for keeps

I guess he’s who she’s dreaming of

            In class as she sleeps


We’re really not sure she loves him

            Sure doesn’t want him as a brother

But there are times one has to wonder

            If she wants to be his mother.


She will have one distinction in her life

            That she can always carry.

Her picture will always be next to “Rude”

            In the dictionary.

Most eventually marry so a few Wedding “Most Likely to’s”

MLT to turn to her groom at the altar and say, “You know I’m going to “Tarleton”, don’t you?  - Holly Perry

MLT flirt with a boy in the audience on her way to the altar – Brooke Gilbert

MLT have a wreck on their way to their weddings – Madison Alford  and Caleb Arnold

MLT have to have his bride explain the facts of life to him – Jake Mitchell

MLT not be able to kiss her groom because her lips are worn out – Brooke Gilbert

MLT to ask a dumb question during her wedding ceremony – Leslie Peterson

MLT have to pick her groom up from pre-school – Sable Lemons

MLT to be wearing white shoes at his wedding – Cody Jones

MLT marry a gay man without knowing it since he can’t see through his hair – Keith Miller

MLT to have Colonel Saunders perform his wedding – Hunter Cox

MLT to wear a sleeveless tux – Josiah Viera

MLT break up on their way to the altar – Brooke Gilbert and whoever she’s marrying

MLT to be singing a country song as he walks down to the altar:  “Where the ______ and I and who the __________are you – Jake Mitchell

MLT correct the pastor during the ceremony – Sala Harrison

MLT likely to eat catsup with her wedding cake – sable Lemons

MLT be chewing on a straw during his wedding ceremony – Koby Herod

MLT stop while walking down the aisle and say to someone in the audience, “Did I tell you about the time……”  - Josh Fergeson

MLT to be talking while the preacher performs the ceremony – Beka Sommers

MLT to have his mother walk him down the aisle –Cody Jones

MLT to still be asking “Where are all the white chicks” during his wedding – Tyler Toomer

MLT to answer for the groom “Of course he does..” when he is ask, “Do you take this woman…”- Sky Hankins

MLT to want the percussion team to play at their weddings – Joseph Soltau and Beka Sommers

MLT have to help her aged groom down the aisle because he’s too feeble – Haley Beccera

MLT somewhere in the wedding vows she wrote for her husband to say “I think you’re finger lickini good” – Brooke Gilbert

MLT be flirting with the ring bearer during her wedding ceremony – Sable Lemons

MLT to nab some unsuspecting guy off the street and drag him down the altar – Ashley Brewer

MLT sleep through his wedding night and wake up the next morning and say, “Did I miss anything?” – Charlie Powell



Well, we hope you’ve had a laugh or two

            From the foolishness here today

And know you’ll leave a trove of memories

            That will burn bright as the day.


A great class has walked through our halls

            Some for many years

Each will leave a memory

            Sometimes laughing, sometimes tears.


But now the year is almost done

            Time for memories running out.

 Seniors set with hope and fear

            Confidence and doubt.


Knowing the first of life’s great chapters

            Is drawing to a close

Wondering what God has in store

            What challenges life will pose.


A clinging child still living there

            As adulthood pushes in.

Has the best already past

            Or has it not yet been?


Would that one could answer that

            But the answer is not known

It will be written by each one’s life

            Chiseled into stone

Good-by class of 2018.  You will be missed.  And, I do love you.